How We Work

How We Work

Core Understandings of The Kairos Group    our Ten Commandments of Leadership.

  1.  Leadership is about change that enables the capacity to thrive.
  2. Successful changes build on the past rather than attempting to jettison it.
  3. Organization adaptation occurs through experimentation and in an atmosphere that encourages experimentation with a no-fault attitude.
  4. Diversity is to be honored, encouraged and nurtured.
  5. Adaptation does require some loss as new modes are adopted and learned.  Leadership requires recognizing predictable defensive patterns so they can be addressed in an open and genuine fashion.
  6. Mobilizing people to meet the challenges of change lies at the heart of leadership.
  7. Know the dimensions of the work to be done; understand its length and breadth.
  8. Know your part in getting the job done; understand, honor, and up-hold what others have to bring and do for the total success of the work.
  9. Plan for the future, looking beyond the immediate in such a way that the future is always in your mind.  As Ronald Heifetz might say: Leadership is on the dance floor but goes also to the balcony.
  10. In the meantime, be sure to pick the low-hanging apples and celebrate present accomplishments. They pave the way into the future.

How The Kairos Group works:

A group, committee, congregation seeks advice, help, mentoring and/or ideas for an identified issue.

A member of The Kairos Group meets with a representative body to define and structure the request and prepare it for approval.

Kairos then seeks out competent consultants to provide service for the particular situation

In Brief:

  • You contact us;
  • We meet together to devise a plan;
  • There are always necessary revisions and approvals;
  • And then we help you follow the plan.

Consultation, Education, Service:  We help you put the pieces together.

On the Nature of Leadership

"I try to look at people as people and see what ideas they have that we can lift up.  That's what leadership is about: helping people find moments of greatness within themselves, and attaching those moments to a common cause that allows work to be done."

- Stephan Turnipseed - President of Lego Education North

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